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The first ceiling fan was introduced by United States in 1860’s and was powered by stream. Later in 1882, the steam fan was replaced by electrically powered ceiling fans. In a world without air conditioning the electric fan was an enormous success story and in huge demand.

As we have all learned over the years demand creates more demand and almost immediately several large-manufactures started to improve it, by enhancing its features. With the advent of the light bulb in the late 1800’s it only made sense to add a bulb or bulbs to its design.

Later, in the 1950’s ceiling fans were all the rage; the companies were making designs that we still see today. Progress and change can make a big difference overnight and it did In the middle of the 1960’s, air conditioning was developed and even though the demand was declining in U.S.A for ceiling fans, other hot countries continued to buy them.

For those countries, their needs and use were very different. In India and Middle East, they used their fans to move air at high speeds in extremely hot weather. They did not want reverse speeds; their fans are mostly three blades with six speeds that operate at the twice or triple the speed of the fans in the USA and give the room almost a hard wind effect.

Why are the US ceiling fans slower? In the US, we tend to use the fans with our air conditioning as support or switching between fan and air conditioning to save money. Also, our ceiling fans most often have lights attached to them and those high speeds as in the Middle East fans it may be too much for the stability of the lights. Lastly, our fans have four or five blades and we want reverse on our fans so in the winter we can pull the heat up and push the chilly air out.

In the US, ceiling fans were great resources for moving air around the room, but just as important creating the lighting ambiance, the looks and style the user wanted to reflect including the mood and look of a room. And just as important fans are energy efficient as compared to air conditioning.

As ceiling fans advanced, the Chinese manufactures were the ones who took fans with lighting to the next steps in the 1940’s, adding multiple speeds, adding additional blades and introducing a reverse flow function so the fan could be used in winter and summer. Most important they continued to make them more energy efficient, they knew many of the countries where fans were purchased, the families had limited budgets so upgrading the fans to do more and use less made them even more popular.

It was in the late 1970’s that ceiling fans exploded on the scene of the United States. It was during the energy crisis when the government started asking citizens to raise their thermostat from 68 degrees to 78 degrees that people started looking to fans to make the higher heat value in a room more tolerable.

Then the final move by the US government in the beginning of the 1980’s made ceiling fans almost mandatory, the government mandated you were no longer allowed to use more energy on your monthly bill then you did the previous year or be penalized. Ceiling fans became standard equipment in all the new homes being built and the public realized it was no longer a choice. Cut back on energy or get a big penalty. Air conditioning was becoming a luxury, with the increase in energy cost and the government saying we do not care about the increase you best find a way to keep your use down or be penalized the ceiling fan was the only resource that made sense.

Using fans for comfort and beauty are what many people think is the biggest importance, but understanding how fans work is important, they do not just blow air at a person, they rotate the air in the room speedily helping to evaporate the sweat on human skin. A fan can cool a room down buy 10% or more and where air conditioners use hundreds if not thousands or watts an hour, a fan will use seventy watts approximately for that same hours’ time.

If you are wondering why we suggest you buy your ceiling fans from people like the Lighting Zone Onlineexperts at Lightingzoneonline.com, we can assure you it is more than just what most think are the standard reasons? The seller has a huge selection and great pricing. If that was the only reason because of price and selection then there is a lot of competition. BUT the experts at the lightingzoneonline.com understand the other very important reasons you should use them? Beautiful is important but you also have to care about and understand there are a lot of different varieties in market and reasons to understand what the ceiling fan you are buying can do?  Does it take into consideration the height of the ceiling, room size and fan size according to that, number of blades, pitch and shape of the blades, reversible blade, reverse airflow function, shades and finishes, attached accessories, lighting kits and styles and efficiency of the lighting you add. Who are the best manufactures with the best warranties and how about every person’s ultimate requirement, having a remote control? These are only some of the key points you must consider when buying a ceiling fan with supporting lights.

We are confident if you start your search at the lightingzoneonline.com you will end your search there. They are the leaders in home, office and custom lighting. Selection (over 4203 choices), pricing, expert and knowledgeable sales team and hands on support with answers that make sense is why they are the leaders in the field. Contact them today.

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